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  • Women's Self Defense

Women’s Self Defense Workshop


Partial proceeds to benefit WiNUP

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What is it?

A fun, hands on, two and a half hour workshop especially designed for woman to understand and deal with the dynamics of assaults against women.

Who is teaching?

Instruction will be given by Shawn Chitwood, Master Tactical Instructor for the State of Ohio, law enforcement officer and lifelong martial artist with 25+ years of teaching experience. Helping Shawn will be his accomplished staff and assistants.

What do I bring?

Participants should wear loose workout clothing (we recommend yoga or sweat pants and a T-shirt), bring a water bottle and sweat towel, and a fun loving attitude!
No special shoes are required as we will train barefoot on our matted facility.
Please leave jewelry at home as to not damage the jewelry or cut yourself or partner during training.

How much is the seminar?

The cost of the seminar is $50 with partial proceeds to benefit WiNUP.

Where and when is it?

The seminar will be located at:

Team Chitwood Martial Arts
7719 Graphics Way
Lewis Center, OH 43035

Friday, August 11th, 2017

Please Arrive at 6pm.



  • Shawn Chitwood 2x National Champ in TKD Teaches BJJ Instead

Not All Martial Arts Classes for Kids Are Created Equal

Shawn Chitwood, a two-time National Champion in Tae Kwon Do teaches Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instead

Be an informed consumer…

I just finished a phone call with a father who I will call Mike. Mike is looking to enroll the younger of his two sons in a martial arts program and called our academy. His older boy is 8 and his youngest is 6. I talked to him and explained how our kids jiu-jitsu classes focus on real-life situations with anti-bully and stranger awareness self-defense. I explained how his son will work with a partner every day, and that we do not believe in teaching predetermined moves done solo where students pretend to fight invisible attackers. I explain this to every parent who calls looking for “kids karate classes” or “tae kwon do kids classes” as many don’t know the difference between the styles of martial arts. A few parents call who have already done their homework, and they are specifically seeking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – most have not researched martial arts yet…so if that’s why you’re reading this article, good for you!

Is the Martial Art Realistic and Effective?

I am a two-time National champion in Tae Kwon Do. In my academies, I have purposefully moved away from the choreographed dance moves found in TKD and Karate. As a black belt in Karate, TKD, and Jiu-jitsu, I teach Jiu-jitsu because personally and professionally I recognize that Jiu-jitsu is the better martial art for children (even though teaching Karate or TKD would be better for my wallet). As a police officer, I also don’t like the false sense of security some of those schools create by marketing their programs for self-defense. More on the difference between Jiu-jitsu and TKD here>>

What Will It Cost & What Am I Paying For?

Mike seemed relieved to hear about the Team Chitwood philosophy on teaching kids, and confirmed with me that jiu-jitsu is exactly what he was seeking. He then hesitantly asked, “Now the BIG question… How much will this cost me?” When I explained to him our average cost is $120 per month with options for monthly billing with no long term commitment, he couldn’t believe it. I told him that we offer family discounts and I asked him about his older boy. Embarrassed, he told me that his older boy is stuck in a long term contract a local strip-mall Tae Kwon Do school and he didn’t want to do that with his youngest son.

As a matter of fact, not knowing, he placed his younger son in a trial at another TKD super school down the road. You see, he enrolled him in a very cheap trial only to be hard sold into a long term contract. It’s why he called me; I was his last hope as he thought all martial arts schools were this way. I tried to make him feel better and explained to him that it’s an emotional bait and switch tactic employed by mega schools and many franchise locations. His tuition is nearly $200 per month plus testing every 6 weeks at $60 per test. That sticker shock is presented after a $19.99 two-week trial. The one super school even guarantees black belt in three years regardless of age. That’s right; an 8 year old can receive a black belt!

I explained to Mike that we don’t guarantee belts; we guarantee that a child will be better able to defend themselves. Learning that we average $120 per month with only 3 tests per year at $40 per test for real self-defense, Mike asked when they could register at our academy.

As a martial arts professional, I am offended. Some of these schools sell $5000 contracts plus $480 in testing fees per year for your child to jump around, kick the air and scream in a “rah rah” session, receiving belts every 4-6 weeks. Parents get duped into paying for the bright lights, fancy marketing materials, overhead speaker system and multitude of fake weapons and random achievement patches. Some even pay more to be part of the school’s “Demonstration Team” where you do free marketing for the school by participating in performances similar to those of a cheerleading or dance squad.

If I Sound Very Critical, Here’s Why…

I have recently had more than a dozen young children ages 8-12 join my academy at the end of their contracts because the parents did not want to renew. All of these children have black belts in Tae Kwon Do and enter my beginner jiu-jitsu class. When I put them in a common bully self-defense situation where someone is mounted on top of them holding them down, picking on them, they can not escape! They have no clue what to do. I have parents who have spent $5000+ and years at these other schools literally in tears when they see their child fail in this common situation – while another student who has only 3 months training with Team Chitwood can escape safely and effectively.

The Best Way to See the Difference

Come Try A Free Class!

Or if you’d rather see it played out in real life, here is our collection of some great videos showing the effectiveness of Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as a sport and on the streets.

Jean Vandesteen – Team Chitwood BJJ Champions Seminar

Our friend, Jean Vandesteen, Champion competitor and Instructor from Relson Gracie Leblon, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is coming back! His seminars are always full of awesome, competition-proven techniques. Reserve your spot on the list now. Limited space.

Thursday, May 21 from 7-9pm in Lewis Center, 614-365-1774
Friday, May 22 from 6-8pm in Lexington, 419-884-3888

Don’t miss it!

Seminar flier pdf file:


Team Chitwood Promotes New Black Belt Micah Crouse

After training on and off for 20 years, in between medical school, and residency Dr. Micah Crouse earned his Gracie Jiu-jitsu Black Belt with Team Chitwood after rolling 5 minute matches for 3 hours straight at their spring pressure test. Dr. Crouse is very well known in the midwest competition circuit — especially in no gi competition where he has won AGC, Submission Addiction, US Grappling, ADCC, EGO, NAGA, and Arnold Classic Championships. Very adept at leg locks, Micah is known for making short work of opponents in no gi matches. Micah came to Team Chitwood over 5 years ago as a high level Gracie Jiu-jitsu Brown Belt and has continued to improve his gi grappling in our Gracie Jiu-jitsu classes.

“I am honored to be amongst Team Chitwood,” said Crouse. “The Chitwood brothers exemplify integrity both on and off the mat. I look forward to continuing to further my technique under their leadership and assist others in their jiu-jitsu journey.”

Dr. Crouse is now the 5th Gracie Jiu-jitsu Black Belt at Team Chitwood. “The addition of Micah makes for an unparalleled learning experience for the beginner and intermediate student enrolling in our academies and joining our team,” said Shawn Chitwood, President of Team Chitwood Martial Arts & Fitness and 3rd degree Relson Gracie Black Belt. “The wealth of knowledge here was already phenomenal, and now it’s even greater.”


Updated Schedule for Lewis Center

We are adding some new programs! Team Chitwood is known for more than just the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu that is taught in Lewis Center. We are highly qualified experts in multiple forms of martial arts and training, and we are bringing those programs here!

What Are the New Programs?

Adult Co-ed Self Defense

Even though 85% of assaults go to the ground, 100% of them start on your feet. This class will cover all self-defense elements from Combat Jujitsu and Gracie Jiu-jitsu focusing on standing self defense and escapes from grabs, holds, tackles, headlocks, chokes, assaults with fists, sticks, guns & knives.


Did you know that the 3 Chitwood Brothers are also accomplished strikers? Our kickboxing program is one of the most popular offerings at our Lexington Academy and it’s coming here! This is not your neighbor’s Tae Bo or Title Boxing class! Plan on learning real technique while breaking a sweat, killing calories, and becoming uber efficient on your feet. Class will consist of rope work, body weight exercises, mit work and partner drills. Can you say awesome?

Advanced Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the epitome of chess on the mat. Like chess, it takes a lifetime to master. Though we work on beginner, immediate, and advanced concepts in our daily Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes, we will gather the future mat chess masterminds once per week to share our advanced knowledge. Rank restriction will be for Purple Belt and up but as we open this program anyone who is a 2nd degree Blue Belt and above may attend.


You have spoken and we have listened! In addition to adding more classes, we are offering more synergistic scheduling. We have altered the schedule to make attendance days more logical, and classes more consistent.

Little Dragons will be consolidated to Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm.

Kid-jitsu Beginner and Advanced Thursday classes have moved to Saturday to offer a weekend option for your busy schedules!

Teen Gracie Jiu-jitsu will be on a better set schedule of Tuesday and Thursday, for those of you who have busy weekends with other extracurricular activities. The class is slightly shorter but will cover the same amount of instructional time. For extra grappling time after technique, we still encourage our Teens to participate in the Saturday Open Mat.

We understand that this new schedule will not be perfect for everyone. However, we have the best interest of the majority student base in mind (requests you have made, schedule concerns you have, and programs we want you to experience).

Please spread the word to family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors about our new programs to help us grow and keep them on the schedule!



Students and parents, please remember the academies are BOTH closed this Saturday, March 7th for a tournament. We will return to normal operation on Monday.

Academies Closed Due to Weather

Both academies are closed today, Saturday, February 21st, due to inclement weather. Please stay safe & we’ll see you back on the mats after the weekend.

Team Chitwood’s Armlock Challenge in January

That’s right folks! We’re gearing up for competition season with the armlock challenge! Starting now, grab a partner (or multiple partners) and get your armlock on. Set a goal that is challenging yet realistic. Don’t be the one getting armlocked by everyone else in February!

Print this out to track your progress: Team Chitwood Armlock Challenge







How to make GREAT Resolution Goals that You Can Actually Keep!

1) You must have proper goal setting.

Most resolutions fail because people are only setting a large, long-term goal. While the goal of losing 50 lbs. by summer is attainable, it’s too far out to keep yourself on-track. You need to also set a short-term goal that is achievable in a shorter time period, and then adjust that short-term goal along the way to keep your momentum headed in the right direction. Perhaps the most important step, anticipate the top three obstacles to reaching that short-term goal and create solutions to those obstacles. These pre-determined solutions will help you stay on-track.

Related tip: Instead of saying you want to lose 50 lbs., have a goal of fitting into a size six instead of a ten, or another, similar clothing size goal. Muscle weighs more than fat and depending on your fitness level, you may actually gain weight while getting in shape.

Examples: The #1 obstacle I hear is actually common to many women and law enforcement officers too: “I don’t have enough time to make healthy eating choices because I’m always on the run.” The short-term goal and obstacle solution may be to pre-make your food and have it packed for the week. If your obstacle is that you don’t have time to exercise, your plan may include overcoming that obstacle by walking during your lunchtime at work, or waking up earlier so you can make time for a work-out.

Focus on the short-term goals and obstacle solutions as stepping stones to your long-term goal. When people feel too far away from their long-term goal, it’s too easy to say “Well, I’ll just start again next week” or “I’ll try again next month.” If you fall off, just pick yourself back up and adjust that short-term goal, or add a new solution to the obstacle you just discovered and get back on-track to your long-term goal.

2) Reward yourself along the way.

The reward for reaching that long-term goal needs to be substantial. Don’t just go out with the girls/guys one night — save for a vacation. Plan to travel somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, or plan to do an activity you’ve always wanted to do, but perhaps couldn’t do due to your fitness level. Short-term rewards could be to buy a new pair of pants or a new golf club.

Related tip: Make sure your reward is not detrimental to either type of goal. A goal to lose weight by working out and eating healthier should not be rewarded with a trip to the all-you-can-eat buffet. Unfortunately, a lot of people celebrate their hard work by negating it through improper rewards.

Examples: A group of women in a fitness program work out and then go across the street and have ice cream together. Then they wonder why they’re not losing weight and get frustrated with the lack of results. Nutrition and exercise go together. You can’t out-exercise a poor diet Let’s face it; no one wants to do things that they don’t enjoy. Rewarding yourself helps keep the fitness program a positive experience. On those days where you are feeling particularly tired, sore, or unmotivated – if the promise of a pair of new shoes gets you into the gym, then you have a win!

3) Build a Network of Accountability.

Make sure you have a system in place to hold you accountable for your fitness plan. This may include having a workout buddy, participating in a classroom setting, or posting to social media. A workout buddy or group setting can make your fitness program more enjoyable with the camaraderie that can develop in a group atmosphere. If you don’t have the opportunity to participate in group instruction or to have a resolution workout buddy, you can always share your daily workout with your online friends.

Related tip: When choosing a resolution workout buddy, keep in mind that this person should be at a similar fitness level as you, with similar fitness goals. When you have a mismatch, one person can hold the other back in their progress, which can cause frustration…then the buddy network fails and you lose the accountability you were trying to create.

Examples: Using social media to post your resolution along with long-term and short-term goals, obstacles, and solutions can create a following of supporters who will check in with you on your progress and help hold you accountable. Post your workouts each day and if you happen to miss a day, post about how you plan to get back on track.

Submission Addiction Tournaments

Submission Addiction Presents the Copa do Ohio & The Ohio KidJitsu Tournament

October 18, 2014  |  Ontario, Ohio

Register Now or click on the images below to view the tournament websites for more information.